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Impossible expectations and other “shoulds”

Impossible expectations Do you ever set yourself up with impossible expectations? Probably most of us do at times. I certainly do. Here’s some typical examples: I “should” be expert at something the first time I try it. Once I’ve learned a new skill I “should” never slip back into old habits. I “should” always know […]

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How do YOU do mistakes?

Stop making mistakes… Are you mistake proof yet? Immune from things like burning dinner, or running late for work? Immune from more cringe worthy moments like forgetting to make your kids lunch, or blurting out something embarrassing in front of your boss? No more “oopsies” moments like forgetting to save your work before your computer resets? I […]

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Who is the real you?

I bet we could all describe a sunset with a reasonable degree of similarity. We may use different words, but we’d probably all end up saying something like “lovely colours”, “awe inspiring”, or “wish we could paint it”. That sort of thing. There’s probably the odd person who’d say it’s the change in refraction of the […]

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