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Coaching for health professionals: The evidence

Coaching can help health professionals to build a healthy career* The aim of coaching is to support your professional and personal development so you can reach the next level of functioning in your work and your life. Coaching can help health professionals thrive by supporting and empowering them to: Plan a meaningful, purposeful and sustainable work life in […]

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Beyond impatient patience

As technology gets faster and faster our appetite for immediacy seems to be growing proportionately. We want everything NOW. Ready access to credit and information combined with incessant marketing to our fear of missing out add ongoing fuel to fire of immediacy and never-ending action. Not that these things aren’t important. They are – they have their place. […]

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The art of goal setting

So you have some challenging personal or professional goals you’d like to work on. Congratulations – that’s a great beginning to change. If you are thinking about hiring a coach to help you meet your goals it’s important to consider if they have the skills to help you. However, a great coach needs to be […]

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If money didn’t matter?

An endless pressure for money When I talk to clients about career development an issue that usually comes up is money. And it’s a very practical point of view. Many, or perhaps most of us, work because we have all sorts of financial obligations to meet: Mortgages to pay, training and education, school fees. Plus there […]

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