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Wellbeing: It takes a village

If we are serious about improving doctor wellbeing at work then it’s time to start looking beyond individual interventions and thinking about what we can do at an organisational level. As a workforce, doctors are struggling. High rates of burnout and mental health disorders are reported in Australian doctors and burnout is estimated to occur in […]

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Pedestals are not for people

Have you ever found yourself putting people you admire on a pedestal – and then face the inevitable disappointment when they fail to live up to expectations? I certainly have. Whilst there’s an element of wanting to only see the best in people, there’s a large element of setting up unrealistic expectations so great that nobody […]

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Coaching & healthcare

If burnout and emotional exhaustion are affecting you – and you think you might leave clinical medicine – you are not alone. Burnout and emotional distress were some of the factors that underpinned my decision to leave clinical medicine for the non-clinical world. And I’m not the only one. There are a range of reasons why […]

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