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If money didn’t matter?

An endless pressure for money When I talk to clients about career development an issue that usually comes up is money. And it’s a very practical point of view. Many, or perhaps most of us, work because we have all sorts of financial obligations to meet: Mortgages to pay, training and education, school fees. Plus there […]

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A coaching approach to networking

Are you great at what you do – yet daunted by the idea of networking? Does introducing yourself to a stranger in a conference feel like the equivalent of cold-calling – and just as ‘icky’ – for want of a technical term. Well you are not alone. Many highly trained and competent professionals, find themselves a wallflower at […]

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You are not your career

Recently I attended a careers expo at a local university for senior high school students. Hundreds of teenagers and their parents braved Melbourne’s rain and biting wind (which had been piped directly from Antarctica) to listen to talks from bright young things about their experiences in various careers – and to collect the usual tomes from each […]

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