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Specialist coaching for health professionals

Are you after some atypical, creative and counter-culture health career options? Do you want to create your own health career story? Is it time to work on your own wellbeing?

It’s no secret that doctors and other health professionals are unhappy. Long working hours, dealing with continual stress and poor work-life balance all take their toll.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many different ways to have a successful health career. Many people flourish in a traditional career pathway. But not everybody is comfortable with the ways things have always been and want to explore life and work beyond the conventional. So whether you want to make a tweak to your current work-life – or make radical changes, coaching can help you write your own career and life story and enhance your wellbeing in the process.

Coaching can help doctors and other health professionals with a range of important career development aspects including:

  • Development of leadership, supervision, mentorship or teaching skills
  • Exploration of alternative ‘non-clinical’ career options
  • Planning a ‘portfolio’ career blending clinical and non-clinical roles
  • Consider how extra study can enhance your career pathway
  • Support through study and training programs.

Coaching can also help promote wellbeing, help you manage and prevent burnout, build positive mental health and design work-life solutions that work for you.

Read Jocelyn’s recent article on evidence-based coaching and how it can help doctors and other health professionals. And if you are thinking about health and medical writing as a career option, you may like to think about some of the issues involved in moving from health professional to medical writer.

Contact Jocelyn to find out more about coaching programs. Skype and face-to-face sessions available.

Please note: As a registered medical practitioner I can’t use testimonials to promote my work.

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